Our focus

We develop and design software

Frontend stack

When it comes to frontend we focus and are experienced on technologies like Ember-cli. That includes all toolsets around it.


Mainly Elixir (Phoenix web framework) and support Ruby. We love the speed and keep productive.


We use React Native & develop hybrid (Phonegap/Cordova) bridged to native mobile feature to develop mobile applications.


Hello Casablanca

Today the single man (team Netherlands) has landed in Casablanca this week I am meeting the hard working Balatin team in Morocco. This week I’ll be looking around and talk to team members about their wishes to see where we can enhance the work environment. Quality, learning and fun have important pillars since the start […]

Balatin is launched

This month Balatin was launched as a creative¬†application development shop in Morocco. As time will pass we will be adding posts in which we’ll share our experiences and a lot of other stuff with you.

Deploy whatever web app with ease – part 1

This post is about deploying your web-application using the same idea Heroku is build on. But instead we’ll be configuring our own heroku using any vps with a minimum spec of 1Gb and install Ubuntu. We won’t dive into the details of private PaaS we’ll just take an example setup¬†(Dokku) and deploy a very simple […]