Balatin is a young and growing company founded in Morocco, Al Aruit. Together with our partner Qraft we deliver quality projects. We like happy customers and we become more happier when their customers are content. We have exciting projects and have a unique position on deciding which technology stack we use at the moment.

In short: we do full-stack development, we are dynamic and use the right stack for the right job. Currently we use: Elixir-lang, Javascript (Ember-cli, node.js, etc.), Ruby, React, ReactNative in some cases use Cordova to wrap mobile web apps.

We love quality and make sure our clients know what it means. We developers currently live in a golden era and have the opportunity to use the best tools and tech stack in the open-source world. So the question is not if is it possible but what to use and why. One of the few reasons we chose Elixir-lang for one of our latest 2 projects.

If you like (more) freedom in work and being at the base of a great team in being, where challenge, perspective and fun is an important part of the work, make sure to drop us a note.

Who are we looking for:

  • This is a remote position, but work actively together ( So you can be and stay anywhere in Morocco)
  • You are a registered auto-entrepreneur
  • You have a passion for development and never want to stop learning
  • Experience in one or more mentioned programming language or framework
  • English in written and spoken word

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